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Top Eight Most Common Mistakes among Investors

To be a good trader in any kind of instruments, first you have to concentrate on eliminating the most basic mistakes, which my cost you all your investment and destroy your portfolio. Here, we have summarized eight of the most popular mistakes that every investor encounters. If you manage to abolish them, you will certainly be able to trade better and much more profitably.

Buy vs. Long and Sell vs. Short

These are the four most common terms in the global trading. It is very important that you know the difference between each of them and when to use them. It might be small, but it is crucial that you understand it.

Risk Factors - Available in Bulgarian

Every investor, whether they have been trading for years or are just starting, and despite the instruments they executre deals with - currency, shares or bonds, is exposed to constant risks. In order to have a favorable trade, we suggest that you should get familiar with the specific risks, in order to manage avoiding them and become a successful investor.