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Technical Indicators

Introduction of Technical Indicators

Technical indicators are mainly used to help investors enter and exit trades. The technical indicators lay in the basics of the technical analysis, and are merely focused on mathematical calculations and sequences, derived from price and volume in the past.


These are most commonly used indicators. Moreover, their foundation lays in one of the most important rules on the financial markets - trading with the trend.


The Oscilators are a type of technical analysis, and are most useful when a give instrument is moving horizontally or in range, as well as when a direction of movement cannot be formed.


This is one of the key aspects of the technical analysis, as the development of a certain instrument depends to a great extent on the search and demand for it on the global markets, which is the traded volume.

Bill Williams

Bill Williams believes that the main reason why traders lose money on the markets is because they depend too much only on the main types of analysis - the technical and the fundamental, as well as on the results that they provide.