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Custodian Services

Euro-Finance acts as a local and global custodian of securities by offering custodian services to pension funds, investment schemes, fund managers, insurance companies and other institutional investors. The company serves emissions issued in the country and abroad. Euro-Finance is a member of the Central Depository, Sofia. On an international level, the longstanding collaboration between Euro-Finance and the leading foreign custodian banks allows clients to benefit from the full range of depository and custodian services for securities listed on foreign markets.

The company offers the following custodian services:

  • Storage and keeping of a catalogue of book entry registered securities and government securities in a domestic or foreign depositary institution;
  • Financial instruments transactions upon the request of the client;
  • Cash storage;
  • Conducting payments on behalf of the client and at their expenses;
  • Collection of income from investments, kept at client’s expenses (dividends, coupon payments and others);
  • Dividend distribution in the form of shares, split, capital increase of the company’s capital through rights or through distribution of additional shares, etc.