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Investment Services

Equity and debt instruments, structuring of hybrid instruments – initial public offerings (IPOs), secondary public offerings (SPOs), capital increases, private placements and hybrid instruments – we can help our customers to successfully secure their capital needs by actively managing and participating in the whole process of selecting the optimal type of financing, in the structuring and placement of the selected type of instrument, taking into account the individual needs of the clients and the factors that accompany them.

  • Organizing and marketing, including underwriting equity securities

Euro-Finance has a team of experts with considerable experience who know in detail the features of securities’ public offerings, the admission to trading process, capital increases and others. The company offers the whole range of services from the consulting stage, to the placement of the issue.

  • Organizing and marketing, including underwriting debt securities

Euro-Finance is among the Bulgarian leaders in organizing and marketing, including underwriting debt securities. The company has organized and participated in the placement of bond issues in total value of more than 50 million BGN.

  • Organizing and marketing derivative instruments

Euro-Finance provides expertise on the structuring and organization of issues of derivative securities. Depending on the market environment and the demand from investors, the company can offer project implementation.

Euro-Finance executed the placement of the first public issue of derivative instruments, traded on the main market of BSE, Sofia. Within the “Bulgarian depository receipts program” four issues were placed, among which Deutsche Telekom AG, Deutsche Bank AG, Siemens AG and SAP AG).

  • Drafting of tender offers for the purchase of securities

Euro-Finance offers services on draft tender offers for the purchase of securities when the majority and/or the minority shareholder owns more than 5% of the capital of a particular public company and wishes or is obliged to acquire additional shares.

  • Market-maker

Euro-Finance offers its institutional clients the ‘market-maker’ service.

  • Creation of special purpose vehicles (SPVs)

Euro-Finance offers assistance in all stages of the process of creation of a special purpose vehicle – from the establishment, licensing and capital increase to the registration for trade.