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Consultancy Services (M&A)

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

  • Acquisition and sale of companies - financial, legal and operational consultations from either the acquiring or the selling company. Euro-Finance has extensive experience and a long history of successfully finalized deals and transactions. The company has been assisting its clients in strategic decision making regarding expansions through acquisitions of existing companies or through monetization of invested funds, and in the case of the clients selling their businesses or companies. The company consults its clients throughout the whole process of either finding a suitable company to acquire or finding a potential strategic investor. Euro-Finance provides assistance from the preparation of a detailed valuation of the business, through the organization and conduction of due diligence, the advising on financial, commercial and legal aspects of similar transactions up until the successful completion of the deal.
  • Mergers/demergers - Euro-Finance offers specialized expertise in mergers/demergers of businesses and companies, assisting clients in determining the profitability and soundness of a particular merger/demerger, and in achieving and monetizing the operational and financial synergies and all other related aspects.

  • Privatizations - Euro-Finance has a longstanding expertise and solid knowledge in the field of privatization procedures in Bulgaria, being a consultant on some of the biggest privatization projects in the country. Euro-Finance has successfully carried out the sale of nine of the subsidiaries of the Bulgarian tobacco monopoly Bulgartabac holding. Making use of its broad experience and detailed knowledge of the local business and political environment, the company offers complete solutions to privatization projects and services related to the due diligence process, structuring the offer, drafting of documentation, as well as negotiations on privatization and post-privatization conditions and commitments. 
  • Management buyouts/ acquisitions through debt financing - Euro-Finance provides constructive solutions to management buyouts/acquisitions through debt financing. The company offers a full range of services: due diligence, structuring the transaction, cash flow forecasting to determine the optimal capital profile, as well as strategic consultancy on how to optimize operations and activities, and subsequent analysis of the financial effects of the deal.

Financial Consulting

  • Valuations – we can evaluate a business so that our clients can weigh all factors when making a strategic decision.
  • Independent opinion – Euro-Finance offers an independent opinion on analyses and valuations prepared by third parties so that the client can receive a fair and objective assessment before shareholders and owners make important management and strategic decisions.
  • Debt restructuring/recapitalization/bankruptcy restructuring – Euro-Finance offers professional consulting services and products to each of its clients seeking working ideas for their business, debt financing, refinancing or recapitalization. The company provides professional advice on complex restructuring activities due to bankruptcy so that all stakeholders can achieve sustainable financial position and balanced results.
  • Strategic consulting – Euro-Finance offers independent and innovative solutions regarding the strategic development of a particular company.