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Important information!!!

On January 4th 2019 it has been brought to our attention that our company name and logo as well as the content on our website has been copied and misused. The content on our website has been copied and redistributed through secure.eufserv.biz (a phishing website), with our company contact details (e-mails and phone numbers) being altered. The phishing website is aiming to deceive clients or prospects that they are visiting the legitimate webpage of Euro-Finance – a licensed investment firm. The competent authorities have been notified of the unauthorized use and copying of our webpage.

In this regard, please be advised that the only legitimate website of EURO-FINANCE AD is www.eurofinance.bg. The content on the page is updated on a daily basis and the contact details of our investment firm are as follows: 1592 Sofia, 43 Christopher Columbus Blvd., 5th floor; tel.: 0700 156 56; mobile: 0885 166 086; fax: 02/981 1496; office@eurofinance.bg.

16:22 | 04.01.2019