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Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia

Euro-Finance is a member of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia. Over the years the company traditionally ranks among the top 10 nonbanking financial institutions in terms of realized turnover on the stock market in the country. Through the electronic trading platform EFOCS, Euro-Finance enables its clients to trade in real time with the financial instruments listed on the BSE. By using the trading system customers receive competitive advantage in terms of fees and commissions, speed of the transaction, the analysis of exchange in real-time and full monitoring of their portfolio

Terms and Conditions for Trading

Deutsche Börse Xetra - Frankfurt

Euro-Finance is the first Bulgarian investment intermediary, member of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Börse Group). Through the electronic trading platform EFOCS, Euro-Finance offers its clients direct access to over 40,000 financial instruments listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for trading on XETRA.

Terms and Conditions for Trading

Global Markets

As an investment intermediary, Euro-Finance offers its clients the opportunity to trade with a wide range of financial instruments on the global markets. Due to its excellent contacts with a number of financial institutions such as Deutsche bank, Citigroup, UniCredit and other active participants in the OTC market for securities with fixed income, Euro-Finance provides its clients access to a wide variety of debt and structured financial instruments which fully correspond to their investment strategies and objectives. A well-functioning network of partnering banks allows the company brokers to implement an active policy of best execution.



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