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EF MetaTrader 5

EF MetaTrader 5 gives clients the opportunity to become part of the global financial markets under conditions valid for large institutional clients and banks. Based on a modern interface and functionality, the system has received an international investors’ recognition from all over the world.

Euro-Finance provides its clients with access to trade in real time on the basis of a “Financial brokerage agreement” alongside with an open account in the system. Active client’s account provides the opportunity for online trading with a full range of financial instruments – currency pairs (FOREX), gold, silver, oil, natural gas, stocks (CFDs), stock market indices and many others.

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Trading platform

Through a wide range of features, EF MetaTrader 5 offers clients a variety of trading opportunities. Individual and institutional investors could benefit from innovations in the field of risk management such as pending orders "stop loss" and "take profit". Through these two types of orders investors have the opportunity to optimize the management of their assets by improving their profitability and limiting their losses. The improved graphics of EF MetaTrader 5 give the opportunity for a detailed technical analysis by providing multiple indicators and time periods. The platform also offers a section called "Economic Calendar", which provides quick and easy access to current economic events. The module is also fully integrated within the charts of the respective financial instruments.

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Access through mobile applications

EF MetaTrader 5 could be installed on mobile devices, running the operating systems iOS and Android OS. Mobile platforms offer investors full access to markets, which additionally facilitates the management of their investments and enables them to monitor the value of their assets at any moment. The fast and easy access to market quotes and charts, execution of orders and transactions, as well as a section with current open positions gives investors access to their portfolio, which is not limited to the use of a computer, but is possible from anywhere. All that a client needs is to install EF MetaTrader 5 on the mobile device thereby gaining full access to the trading terminal.

Specially adapted for tablets

Investors can also benefit from the functionality of the platform EF MetaTrader 5 through their tablets. Specially adapted platforms are available for tablets, which use the operating systems iOS and Android OS. With just a few clicks investors can analyze, monitor and trade with all the available instruments - indices, commodities, currency pairs or stocks. The full integration of all mobile platforms with the client’s trading account enhances investors’ convenience and freedom in the implementation of various trading strategies.


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