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"Investments Never Sleep"

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You have substantial funds invested in shares traded on BSE? You look on investments as strategically and do not want to sell them, but also you would like a higher current income than money paid over and an opportunity to have some liquidity for your investments. No longer need to choose: The product of Euro-Finance "INVESTMENTS NEVER SLEEP" offers everything you need. Advantages of the product: • An Opportunity for a higher current income by using fixed income instruments • Upon expiry of the contract you receive those shares which you provide for management initially...

Private Portfolios

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The management of private portfolios of equity shares and/or cash funds is a personalized management of financial assets at the discretion of the asset manager. The continuous process of asset management tailored to the specific needs of the client or on client’s request starts with identifying and specifying the client’s investment goals (mainly risk and return), constraints (liquidity needs, investment horizon, unique circumstances, legal and regulatory constraints, tax considerations) and the personal preferences of the client. The second step is formulating the long-term expectations for the capital markets and determination of the strategic structure of assets, in correspondence to goals, constraints, preferences of the client and the long-term capital markets expectations. The last stage comprises continuous portfolio monitoring, monitoring for any changes in the economic and market factors, as well as changes in the client’s circumstances and adjustment in the portfolio to reflect the changes. Euro-Finance offers three types of private investment portfolios:


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