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Disney To Take Full Control Over Hulu

Eray Bekir

Disney will take “full operational control” over Hulu from Comcast, effective immediately, the companies announced in a press release detailing new agreement Tuesday. Comcast also the ability to enforce an option to sell its 33% stake in Hulu to Disney in 2024 at a valuation of at least $27.5 billion, according to the agreement.

Comcast could either sell its stake in Hulu at a valuation $27.5 billion or whatever Hulu is appraised to be worth in five years. Comcast is guaranteed at least $5.8 billion for its Hulu stake, according to the agreement.

As part of the deal, Disney has agreed to pay Comcast for its Hulu content for the next five years. NBC channels will be on Hulu Live at a higher rate than previously agreed. NBCUniveral will also be able to run the same content on its own streaming service, which is expected to launch in the spring of next year.

Comcast originally wanted to sell its NBCUniversal streaming service at around $12 a month. Then Disney priced its service at $6.99 per month in its recent announcement. This has prompted Comcast to decide to lower the price for its NBC streaming service, likely around $10 per month, according to two people familiar with the matter.

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