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The EUR/USD Recorded a Volatile Session


The euro recorded a second losing session against the dollar on Thursday. The decline was not significant and any key technical levels were not undercut. The short-term expectations remained in favor of the single currency. The trading day started at 1.0903 and the euro lost 32 pips overall. The trend was volatile and the bulls prevailed in the beginning, reaching the high at 1.0932. Afterwards, the direction was changed and the pair hit the bottom 81 pips lower.

Support: 1.0819; 1.0757;

Resistance: 1.0953; 1.1039;


The pound gained ground against the dollar on Thursday. The British currency met the upbeat expectations. As a result the first resistance at 1.2901 was undercut after the pair reached the intraday high at 1.2915. If the bullish trend prevails further, the second key technical level at 1.3057 could be tested anytime soon. The trading day was opened at 1.2846 and the final line was crossed 58 pips higher.

Support: 1.2511; 1.2413;

Resistance: 1.2901; 1.3057;


The dollar recorded a second volatile session against the Swiss franc. Eventually the opening price was similar to the closing one – 0.9932 and 0.9938, respectively. Thus the pair remained near by the last week’s levels however the short-term indicators are still in favor of the U.S. currency. The trend was neutral in the first few hours but trading turn into a dynamic one around noon and the difference between the intraday highest value and the lowest one was 44 pips.

Support: 0.9879; 0.9811;

Resistance: 1.0107; 1.00170;


The dollar recorded an insignificant increase against the yen on Thursday. The pair had tried to continue the upbeat impulse since Tuesday. The short-term expectations are in favor of the bulls. The sessions started at 111.04 and the trend was volatile. The direction was ascending in the first few hours and the currencies hit the high at 111.59. Afterwards the bearish sentiments become stronger and the final was set at 111.19.

Support: 108.28; 107.73;

Resistance: 112.20; 112.86;



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