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Withdrawal by a bank transfer:

When making a bank transfer the customer should have a predetermined bank account in which the holder is the same person as the holder of the account at Euro-Finance.

To withdraw funds by a bank transfer, the client should sent a scanned copy, via e-mail or fax, filled in and signed, of the following order:

  • Bank transfer form

For bank transfers over BGN 30,000 (EUR 15,339) clients shall complete a Declaration for Origin of Funds pursuant to the Law on Measures against Money Laundering.

Information for fees and commissions for funds withdrawal via bank transfer is available in the Tariff for Fees and Commissions of Euro-Finance for operations with clients.

Important: When withdrawing funds via bank transfer in a currency different from the base currency of the account, the currency exchange is executed at the current exchange rate of Euro-Finance for clients payments.

Assets at Euro-Finance clients’ accounts, including cash amounts, are guaranteed to the amount of EUR 20 452 for every client according to the Public offering of securities act.